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The Enjoyment Report – Video Easter Message


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“What we really teach is the challenge, the power, and yes, if you want it to be, the fun of free will. Wherever you are in life, someone has had it worse and made it, and someone has had it better, and blown it.”
-Phil Sorentino

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  1. Three Messages for Holy Week


Three Messages for Holy Week

Selling In The Garden – a seasonal message showing Phil’s unique ‘negotiation.

First, many of you have seen the video clip so it will be a reminder of how God has it all worked out. For those of you that have not seen this, enjoy!

Second, to paraphrase Jesus, “Guys, you have been with me for so long and you still don’t get it.” Think about it. Did he have a great boss (some of our bosses may think they are God), a handpicked staff (most of us don’t get to pick the people we work with), miraculous products (could Lazarus have written a great testimonial) and the ultimate strategic plan (salvation of the human race)? And they still weren’t getting it.

So, when people don’t get your messages, have more patience and be persistent.

Third, why do we have nothing written by Jesus? I believe it is because your path is different than my path; everyone’s path is as unique as they are.

Jesus didn’t want someone to say to you if he wrote something down, “You have to do this. Jesus wrote it.” So, it all comes down to free will and faith. And, if we knew exactly what the path was we would not need faith. So, during this Holy Week, remember:

  1. God has a plan for YOU.
  2. You need to be Patient and Persistent.
  3. It all comes down to Faith.