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The Enjoyment Report – 2013


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Inside This Issue


  1. Phil’s Observations
  2. Client Happenings
  3. Book Recommendations
  4. Client Interview with Dr. Mary Lou Luebbe


Phil’s Observations

Happy New Decade! That’s right, it is a new decade. What will we call it? We had the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Not sure what the last one was called – the OE’s. This decade could be the Teens (minus 2011 and 2012) or maybe the Ten’s. I don’t know. Do you?

What I do know is that you never know. Life is full of surprises. So you never know.

This is why you must be solidly founded in your beliefs, values and purpose; but also flexible enough to bend. It is only when you become stiff and rigid that you will you break. How you become flexible is by stretching, taking risks, doing new things, breaking out of unproductive behaviors – whatever they may be.

We used to say that change was 75% why to’s and 25% how to’s. Now, we feel it is 20% how to’s, 30% why to’s and 50% will to’s. That’s right. Do you have the will to understand the why’s and implement the how’s. Understanding the why’s is important because this helps you define the results. Implementing the how’s is the doing part and having the will is the emotional/feeling aspect. Knowing your feelings is the starting point.


Client Happenings

We received a call about a week before Christmas. “Hi Phil, this is Mike. Do you remember me?” I said “Sure, we met about 25 years ago.” Mike says, “Right. I have a small business with 21 employees and I want to fire 20 of them. Can you help?” I said, “Help fire them or help keep them?” He said, “I am not sure.”

We met and put together a system that I would present to them as a group. I would ask them to fill out a questionnaire and then meet with each one on one. Then, we would compile the answers and present to the owner anonymously. Next, we helped him put together his responses. Finally, we had a two hour results meeting.

It turned out so well that not only are we doing on-going work; he gave us a tip – a little something extra!

The key to success was the trust factor and that everyone cared to create solutions that everyone would win.

So far, all employees still have their jobs and the company is doing great!

Book Recommendations

Ideas are Free, Execution is Priceless– 366 Actionable Ideas, Challenging Insights and Disturbing Questions to Help You Take Action on What Matters by Scott Ginsberg

This is a non-friction business devotional. You may have heard of the author, Scott Ginsberg. He is the guy who made a career out of wearing a name tag. It is a book that will get you to make things happen. Here are a couple of examples:

Discomfort is the oxygen of growth.

Comfortable people rarely take action.

Comfortable people rarely learn lessons.

Comfortable people rarely stretch their souls.

If you truly want to stimulate the greatest growth possible, you’ve got to stick yourself out there.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from wearing a nametag every day, it’s that there’s direct correlation between how uncomfortable you’re willing to make yourself and how exquisitely you make a name for yourself.

How vulnerable are you willing to make yourself?

No importance = No motivation.

You always make time to execute what’s important to you.

Therefore: If you want to motivate yourself to do something, either make it important to you, or connect it with something that’s already important to you.

How are your priorities affecting your motivation?

Client Interview with Mary Lou Luebbe-Gearheart, Au,D., CCC-A., F-AAA, ABA, BC-HIS

Wow, that is a lot of letters behind Dr. Mary Lou’s name. If you live in Central Ohio, you have heard her commercial… Luebbe Hearing Services Hear What You’ve Been Missing!

Phil has known Dr. Mary Lou for over 20 years. She is a very special person and at the top of our list of people we have had the pleasure to work with in all of years of business. Recently, we experienced firsthand just why she is so successful with her clients. She transformed Susan’s mother’s life by giving her back her hearing and so much more! She changed her life and as a result affected the rest of family in a very profound and positive way.

We felt it would be of benefit to our readers to learn more about Dr. Mary Lou. As she has stated to us, Phil and his messages to the world are more effective, meaningful, helpful and humorous if the throngs can hear him clearly and easily.

As a gift to our newsletter recipients, Dr. Mary Lou has offered a FREE HEARING CONSULTATION to you and/or any family member! Please call Dr. Mary Lou at 614-431-1010. Let her know you are a reader of The Enjoyment Report. She will make it FUN!

Our Questions to Dr. Mary Lou:

What are the most misunderstood ideas about our hearing?

Here’s my favorite: “If you have a hearing loss, it means you’re old”. Actually, newborns and children have hearing loss, so it can’t be just an “age” issue. However, an undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss can ‘age’ you prematurely because hearing loss causes stress, frustration, reduced social interaction and strained relationships. Your support system, confidence, sense of humor, sense of well-being and enjoyment of life are all negatively affected.

Here’s another: “I’ll know when I have a hearing loss”. Hearing loss is invisible and usually painless. Most people don’t realize they have a hearing loss, unless it comes on suddenly, or family and friends complain the TV is too loud, or they’re tired of having to repeat and constantly raise their voice.

Here’s another: “I hear fine. Other people “mumble” and talk too fast. If they’d just talk louder and speak normally and clearly I could understand”. Imagine the equivalent in “vision”. They’d be asking others to read small print like a menu, map or phone book to them. It’s like being “far-sighted”. How inconvenient, and not to be tolerated. That’s why people get reading glasses sooner than hearing aids.

Do people do things that hurt their hearing?

Absolutely. We know about exposure to occupational and recreational noise, and certainly loud music. Sometimes toxins, we can or maybe can’t avoid, affect our hearing. Also, the inner ear hair cells and nerve endings can die from a lack of oxygen.

Tell us about your career.

Since only about 10 percent of hearing problems can be solved medically or surgically, I realized the vast majority, 90 percent, needed the skills of a dispensing, experienced doctor of audiology. My academic training enables me to evaluate hearing and determine what part of the auditory system is affected and what referrals and follow-up are needed to improve the outer, middle or inner ears so that electrical impulses get to the brain…where we hear. The overwhelming majority of my patients benefit from properly fitted hearing aids. My youngest patient was 1 day old, and my oldest was 114 years old. That proves it’s never too late! I’ve been transforming lives through better hearing for almost 40 years. The profession of Audiology, the science of hearing, emerged in the 1940s. My background is rather unique because my father was a “pioneer” in hearing technology probably because my Uncle Jim had a hearing loss. That gave me a profound understanding of hearing loss, and the heart-felt desire to provide solutions.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Motivating people to admit they have a hearing problem, and then seek the help that will change their lives. Too many marriages suffer and misunderstandings occur because it is difficult for a spouse, family member or friend to “put their foot down” in the spirit of “tough love”.

How can we better understand our hearing?

Have a hearing exam, and know how to read an Audiogram. That’s a graph that indicates how well you hear soft sounds across different frequencies that contain vowels and consonants. These sounds must be “audible” so that speech is clear and understandable.

Tell us about some success stories.

I’ve given many fathers, mothers and grandparents “back to their family” when their Alzheimer-like symptoms were due to an untreated hearing loss. Memory loss, confusion, depression and personality changes can be a sign of hearing loss and not necessarily dementia. I have prevented suicides by relieving “Tinnitus” (ringing in the ears) when people were told they had to “live with it” the rest of their lives. I have prevented divorces and family conflicts by restoring communication and removing frustration. I love to hear people say how much they enjoy going out again to noisy restaurants and being able to hear and understand the waitress as well as conversation at their table. I have helped many with total loss of hearing in one ear (single-sided deafness). Now they don’t have to constantly turn their head or ask others to “sit on their good side”. I help prevent falls and improve balance (vestibular-inner ear conditions). I have helped children and adults psychologically, socially and academically when their inability to concentrate, frequently attributed to Attention Deficit Disorder, is correctly diagnosed as a mild or even “minimal” high-frequency hearing loss. I know they’ve made a personal “declaration of independence” when I see their smiles, tears of joy or that look of amazement on their face.

Let’s not forget that a person’s sense of humor is also heightened when they hear better. Although, some jokes STILL need to be explained!!!


Go to Listen to Dr. Mary Lou’s message.

Dr. Mary Lou Luebbe-Gearhart, AuD is a Doctor of Audiology and President of Luebbe Hearing Services, a company that provides comprehensive diagnostic audiological assessment and hearing rehabilitation using state-of-the-art digital hearing aid technology. Continuing a 65-year family-owned-business tradition, Luebbe Hearing Services earned the Consumers’ Choice Award for Excellence in Audiology and Hearing Aid Quality and Value in 2010 and 2009.

Dr Mary Lou is professionally active, an Exemplar for Women in Science, Math and Engineering, a Charter member of the Women Presidents Organization(WPO), the recipient of the Bevis Society award from the President’s Club at The Ohio State University, a High School Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee, and a Trustee of People to People International. She transforms lives through better hearing, communication and wellness.

Let us know if you want to learn more or have questions! We would love to share more about our personal experience in her office.

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