Questions For Customizing

Humor Consultants considers every client engagement an opportunity for connection, growth, and optimal results. We have put together a questionnaire that we would like you to complete prior to our engagment with your company.

The “Questions for Customizing Your Enjoyable Solutions” are designed to help you and Humor Consultants determine the results you would like to see upon completion of our program.

We consider this one of the most valuable tools we have for preparing your customized program, a program unique for your company and needs.

To get started, please download the questionnaire which is in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to enter data into the form. If you do not have Adobe Reader it is available from Adobe at no charge. Download Adobe Reader.

Click Here to download the “Questions for Customizing Your Enjoyable Solutions” form. This form can be saved over and over until it is complete.

Please attach the completed form to an email and send to: