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WORK SMART, HAVE FUN & MAKE MONEY™ – Professional “Conoaching” System

This system is designed for individual personal and professional growth. “Conoaching” is part consulting and part coaching. Our objective is to assist you in four critical areas for 90 days:

  1. Work Smart – Clarify the area you desire to improve and create accountabilities
  2. Have Fun – Identify what is going to help you have more enjoyment
  3. Make Money – Set specific steps that can control costs and increase revenue
  4. Action Plan – Develop a written action plan to help you get started and take action necessary to move toward your growth, enjoyment and profit. In addition, schedule a review 60 days after completion.

How It Works:
Through a series of seven “conoaching” sessions (in person and/or by phone), and on-going resource support, we will work together to help you achieve your specific goals in the three areas of growth, enjoyment & profit. Conoaching is a process not an event. It is a combination of consulting and coaching where we give guidance/advice and help you uncover the answers for yourself. We will take you through the process and provide you with materials and assignments. Each session is built upon the last. You will be assigned tasks, which need to be completed between sessions, to help you grow, enjoy and profit.

*Note: During the conoaching period, we are also available for sessions by phone and online support

Expectations and Outcomes
The conoaching works only when you actively participate and assume primary responsibility for your success.

This program would focus on helping you implement personal/professional strategies with accountabilities to:

(Mutually set in detail in the first or second conoaching session)

  1. Work Smart____________________
  2. Have Fun______________________

  3. Make Money____________________

Contact Susan Sorentino at 614.410.6969


Read through the following questions and check each question where you can answer “yes.”

Are you……

  1. _____Committed to your personal and professional
  2. _____A lifelong learner?
  3. _____Open to other ways of seeing the world?
  4. _____Able to accept feedback?
  5. _____Willing to try new behaviors?
  6. _____Willing to reflect on your experience and observe
             yourself in action?
  7. _____Willing to develop parts of yourself that may have
             been neglected?
  8. _____Willing to challenge your present beliefs?
  9. _____Willing to consider new possibilities for yourself?
  10. _____Willing to ask yourself new questions?
  11. _____Willing to take risks to change?
  12. _____Open to ideas other than your own?
  13. _____Willing to experience more purpose and fulfillment?
  14. _____Willing to let go of behaviors of beliefs that no
             longer serve you?
  15. _____Willing to consider new strategies for success?